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Groupon Customers we value your business unfortunately we are having difficulty finding a cleaner that will accept your job. We pay cleaners $20 an hour. Because they pay for their own gas & supplies. They are independent contractors. They choose what job they want based on pay and distance. When we initially signed up with Groupon for advertisement we made a deal with the company to split profit 50/50. However it didn't work out like that.  Groupon's cut was more than 50%. By the time you reach our website to schedule an appointment your voucher is only worth $15 - $30 dollars depending on how many hours you purchased. For 2 Hours Of Cleaning Groupon Pays $15 that's $7. 50 per hour.  We can't pay the cleaner $20 an hour for a Groupon appointment. It's unrealistic during Covid.  Businesses are struggling to keep the doors open.  I do apologize the calendar open but I can not guarantee someone will accept your appointment for $ 7.50 per hour! 

How Groupon Works

All scheduling is done on-line we do not offer phone support. You can speak with an on-line agent by selecting chat box.

Silcon Valley

Groupon are good for a Standard Cleaning Only.

You have the option to upgrade by adding items listed in Extras.

You can add or subtract items. Total cost will appear on invoice.

We charge a $15 Pet fee. Removal of pet hair is not included in a Standard Cleaning. We charge $50 last minute cancellation fee. Your card will not be charged if you cancel 24 hours before scheduled appointment. Service area is 45 miles from zip code 75115. We will travel up to 55 mile. Trip fee $10. We charge $30 fee if we have to pay for parking.

Groupons can only be used Monday-Thursday. Groupons can not be used Friday-Sunday.

Our cleaners are licenses, bonded and insured.

Only 1 Groupon voucher can be redeemed. Its for 1 cleaner. Please prioritize your cleaning session it usually takes 3 hours to clean a 1 bedroom apt depending on how much decor and how well the house has been maintained.

If it is not listed on the Standard Cleaning checklist.

You will be charged for additional services purchased.

Check your coupon it has an expiration date on it. We don't give refunds for Groupon vouchers. You are a Groupon customer you would have to contact Groupon to inquire about their refund policy.

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